In today’s technologically driven and dependent world, there hardly exists a civil case that does not involve some type of digital evidence, such as a cell phone, tablet, or computer. People often use these devices when committing prohibited, unethical or even unlawful acts while at work (stealing trade secrets or wrongful termination), in their car (texting while driving), or at home (cheating on a spouse or harassing someone). In the aftermath of these acts, the offenders try to delete their digital evidence, but someone can help you recover it…Digital Forensic Investigations! “The perpetrator of an offense will bring something into the scene and leave with something from it”. So, when you feel like all hope is lost and the crucial digital evidence, such as a text, email, or picture cannot be found, rest assured we can help! Digital Forensic Investigations uses the latest and safest forensic techniques to extract and recover digital data from various devices such as cell phones, tablets, and computers, while maintaining the highest integrity and confidentiality. We’ll work directly with your law firm or clients directly to recover the evidence you need to prove your case.


I specialize in conducting on-site and off-site forensic data extractions and analysis for civil cases and can provide the following services:

Strict chain of custody practices and secure storage of digital devices (i.e smartphone, tablets, and computers);
-Forensically-sound and well-documented data extraction methods for digital devices;
-An analysis of the extracted digital device data;
-A professional extraction report detailing the findings of the digital device data extraction;
-Expert consultation and testimony;
-On-site forensic data extraction and analysis available.

I have worked with clients, on various types of cases, who utilized my nearly decade of digital forensic experience with private, local, county, state, and federal agencies.


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